Juwai Teer result today: Juwai Teer 16-01-2021 first and second round results announced

Juwai: Juwai Teer Result Today 16-01-2021 first and second round outcomes reported on Saturday.
Others Teer result today outcomes can be checked here: https://teerresultinfo.com The bolt based lottery is composed by the Khasi Slopes Toxophilism Affiliation and played in Meghalaya.

Juwai Teer Result
FR(1:45PM) SR(2:30PM)
81 27
shillong teer result

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The complete Juwai teer number, otherwise called the Juwai teer number, is a fortunate number.
Twelve toxophilitis clubs including the Khasi Slopes Arrow based weaponry Affiliation.

There are a few teer wagering stunts that work at Meghalaya. Ticket deals start at 10:00 am every day.

How might you wager truth be told, individuals must foresee the last two digits of without a doubt the quantity of jolts terminated in a day.

Whoever does that is verbalized as a victor. There are two circles. In the primary half 50 shooters terminated 30 jolts, while in the second half 20 jolts were terminated.

The lottery runs Monday through Saturday. Khanapara Other teer Score, Juwai Teer Score, The present teer Score, teer Shilong Score, teer Assam Score: Likewise refreshed. Juwai Teer result today: Juwai Teer Result Today 15-01-2021 first and second-round results announced

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